Trave Japan-Royal Residence Katsura

Katsura Palace is a royal family mansion located on the west bank of the Katsuragawa River, in the western outskirts of Kyoto. In 1615, Hachijo no Miya Tsoshihito began construction of the villa and it was completed after 47 years. In the area of ​​about 70,000 square meters of Katsura, there are Shoin (chapel), Chatei (tea room, rest) located around a large lake in the center. The entire villa has a beautiful Japanese feel with harmony between the garden and the architecture around it. The beauty of the garden attracts a lot of people and it is hailed as a masterpiece in Japanese gardens. Around the lake are Koshoin (ancient library), Nakashoin (middle library), and 4 Chatei are Shokintei, Shokatei, Shoinken, Gepporo. In addition, guests can take a boat ride, sightseeing on the lake. From the boat can admire the garden with beautiful architecture in harmony in fresh nature.
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The Katsura Royal Palace is located on the banks of the Katsura River, built by Prince Toshihito in the 17th century. It occupies about 58,000 square meters. From above, the garden view looks impressive with ancient architectural complexes adjacent to each other, next to the large reservoir. All surrounded by dense forest. This mansion was designed as a location depicted in the famous 11th century Genji narrative novel. In his design, Prince Toshihito is less interested in luxury and more focused on recreating the context of his favorite novel. He devoted his entire resources to the creation of gardens, tea rooms and mansions to create this palace. After his death, his son continued the project, expanding the scale of the gardens and the number of tea rooms. In the 20th century, the mansion was included in the book by German architect Bruno Taut, and became extremely famous in modern architectural circles, such as Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius.
The shoji complex is quite rustic, and serves as the center of the royal garden. Viewed from the outside, this architecture resembles a lively orchestra with a harmonious blend of black columns and white walls. Step inside the house, visitors will feel the beauty of a space of traditional Japanese style architecture with all the columns in the house are made of wood, the rooms separated by a pull door fusuma. Paste washi paper, floor tatami mats. When pulling the fusuma, both rooms become open.
The most important factor in Japanese architecture is the harmony of the outer and inner nature. In the shoji house design, the sliding door plays an important role as it helps bring outside light into the room. Beneath the window in the shoji house is a wooden frame that can be pulled up. In the summer, people pull the wooden frame up to reveal a small space under the window, helping the wind to enter the room but prevent the sun sharply. If you want to admire the beauty of nature outside, the owner of the house just pull the window to the two sides, a wide open space in front of the eyes. The ceiling is a combination of beams that support the board above them, creating countless squares on the surface of the board. Each square is a different wood grain, this compatible combination is a variation to help the ceiling become lively. At the corner of the room, also known as the Tokonoma, a variety of shelves are available in different shapes and sizes. On the shelves are small rectangular drawers placed horizontally or vertically. The royal garden of Katsura Rikyu is one of the treasures of the emperor. It does not excite the magnificent, splendid, but the rustic, pure beauty of traditional Japanese architecture. In addition to the residential architecture, Katsura Rikyu also has gardens, a lake and even a vast forest surrounding it. It's like Japanese miniature nature with full of mountains, forests and sea. Right at the entrance to Katsura Rikyu is Miyuki-mon gate. The gate is made from natural materials with wooden columns and straw roofs. Stepping past Miyuki-mon gate, people will set foot on the Miyuki-michi road. At the end of this road is the garden and the architecture of the house. Sugar made entirely of pebbles in nature. Each stone is intentionally arranged to help the pavement become flat. The result of this feat not only creates a beautiful appearance for the road but also makes rain water easily permeate to the soil and the road is very dry.
Next to Miyuki-michi, many other places in the garden have other rock paths. There are 1800 large stones arranged in succession. They serve as guides for those who first come to Katsura Rikyu. The stones are kept original colors and shapes. Right in the middle of the garden is a large lake spread. It is not meant to be a reservoir of water that contains complex symbolic images. In this small garden, the sea and the artificial mountains were erected in accordance with human intentions. Walking around the garden, visitors can easily catch the small stream flowing winding. A small waterfall with a height of about 20 cm appears in the stream bed. Despite its modest size, this waterfall is full of features of a true waterfall with murky water. The lake in Katsura Rikyu is considered the sea. Underneath the lake, covered with moss, above the mossy foliage, all create a familiar blue color of seawater. The stone path separating the lake represents the beach covered with white sand. Here on the lake are images of floating boats floating. From the boat, people can admire the scenery on the water. Nowadays, for urban residents living away from the water and the sea, traveling on a boat is an unforgettable experience. In the garden of Katsura Rikyu, you can also see the view of the countryside. A house called Shoiken was built for that purpose. Outside the window of Shoiken is the paddy field spread out. Rural landscape becomes more alive with the presence of industrious people. They transplant rice in rice paddies, young seedlings are quickly rooted to the soil and become green. The Japanese have been known for a long time in rice cultivation, which is a meaningful work that brings a warm and warm life to everyone, so the image of the rice field has been lovingly reinterpreted at Katsura Rikyu.

Thailand’s most beautiful island was closed indefinitely

The Thai government says Koh Tachai, an island off the southern coast of Thailand known for its beautiful coral reefs and coral reefs, will close indefinitely.
The Department of Wildlife and Plant Conservation and the National Park of Thailand announced that the beautiful Similan Islands in the Adaman Sea will not receive tourists from May 15th to 15th, so that natural resources have time to rest. foul.
Koh Tachai was voted the most beautiful island in Thailand. The island is paradise with blue sea, crystal white sand, located in the Andaman Sea, 7.4 km2. According to Tunya Netithammakul, General Manager of the National Park and Nature Conservation Authority of Thailand, thanks to its natural beauty, Koh Tachai has become a popular tourist destination with domestic and foreign tourists. This has led to overcrowding and severe degradation of natural resources and the environment. Dive areas are gradually being contaminated by overload of tourists. In addition, many groups lack the knowledge of the marine environment and cause panic for fish. In fact, Koh Tachai is a primary conservation area, not a tourist destination. Each beach is enough for 70 visitors but the number of people here is always overwhelmed when up to more than 1,000 people. In 2015, Thailand's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment warned that Koh Tachai was threatened by waste, garbage and environmental pollution caused by overcrowding. At that time, the authorities ordered the closure of bars and limited visitors to the island.
Koh Tachai is just one of the islands that Thailand has closed to minimize the impact of travel to this place. Prior to this, Thai officials also did the same thing with the Similan Islands, Mu Surin, Koh Khai Nok, Koh Khai Nui and Koh Khai Nai. The next measures are the closure of beaches, dive spots and some changes to cruise lines. Koh Phi Phi, an island in southern Thailand, 1.5 hours from Krabi City, may be the next stop. It can be seen, the Thai government is determined to resist the adverse effects of tourism on natural resources and the environment.

Tourism is Thailand's spearhead industry as it brings significant economic benefits but also causes many attractions to be damaged as tourist flows become overcrowded and out of control. . So the fact that the Thai government decided to close many well-known tourist resorts is a clear message about choosing to protect natural resources against the effects of development and not sacrificing the environment. Just because of the immediate resources.
In particular, Koh Tachai island in the archipelago will be closed indefinitely due to heavy damage from tourists. About 1,000 visitors to Koh Tachai every day, even though the maximum occupancy here can accommodate just 70 people, poses a serious threat to the environment and the natural treasures.
"Thanks to its beauty, Koh Tachai has become a popular tourist destination for both Thailand and foreigners. This has led to overcrowding and degradation of natural resources and the environment, "said Thanya Netithammakun, director of the Bureau of Conservation of Flora and Fauna and National Parks in the Bangkok Post.
Mr Thanya said: "We have informed the tour operators of the closure of Koh Tachai three months ago. However, there are currently 14 units continuing to sell tours to this island. "
Any unit that violates the restraining order will have to go to court, and be deprived of the license. Mr Thanya warns travelers not to cheat on companies promising to travel to the islands during tourist halt.
Thailand is now one of Asia's tourist paradise, as each year the country attracts millions of visitors to the resort. Especially sea island tour, from Pattaya to Phuket.
Recently, however, the Thai government has announced the closure of the waters and coral reefs surrounding Koh Tachai in Similan National Park, off Phangnga province, due to possible tourism concerns. Affect the island.
According to the announcement, the closure decision will take effect from 15 October and be limited to all visitors.
The decision comes as a new rule for tourism in Koh Tachai after the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment announced that it was threatened by dead corals and garbage left by large numbers of visitors.
Accordingly, tour operators will not be allowed to use large explosion-proof boats and to bring their trash back to the mainland. Activities such as swimming and diving are also prohibited in some areas. Guests are not allowed to take coral, go to the beach, or do anything that affects the marine resources.
Tunya Netithammakul, director of national park and botanical conservation, said tourism activities in recent years have severely affected the region. Therefore, the closure aims to minimize the negative impact of tourism on the natural and environmental resources of Similan National Park and the Biosphere Reserve.
"We have to close down our efforts to restore the environment both in the island and in the sea, which will help Koh Tachai not be affected by tourism activities before environmental damage is impaired." There is no cure, "Tunya said.
Koh Tachai Island Declaration was declared three months ago. All marine reserves will be closed Monday through October 15 during the rainy season in Thailand. However, after October 15, Koh Tachai Island in Similan National Park will be closed permanently.
Thon Thamrongnawasawat, head of fisheries at Kassetsart University, found that 14 travel companies were still selling packages to Koh Tachai when he was invited to a Thai tourism fair on Sunday. Therefore, visitors should consider and carefully consider the travel companies still listed tour operators visiting the island after October 15. Professor Thon warned.

Love UK Through Simple Things

England is not simply a place I come and go, but the land has helped me to overcome myself, with many emotions and understand myself better.
Love UK Through Simple Things

Is not meaningless when everyone wishes to set foot once to England, and nor is it ridiculous when everyone is immersed in the ancient beauty that this land modern. Everyone has their own way of love. Those tourists love through the eyes admire the sight of the symbols of England. Professional photographer who loves England back through each image size, each best moments they captured was ... Then with a student like me, fall in love with this country through ordinary daily life as people indigenous, simply ask for things most traders get the most peaceful things.

When it comes to England, everyone will think of London, which is described as a picture of harmonious combination of colors and unique drawings. Where the beauty of London can be difficult and hard match, where can get. It has the bustle on the streets of the center, is busy in the subway, where the noisy crowded shopping street, but still keep yourself calm strokes through the relics associated with Britain, which features idyllic quiet while sitting in a café overlooking the window watching carefully where this capital city. England is beautiful through the eyes of those tourists, but if you watch it through another aspect, this country can most enchanting anywhere anymore.

When everyone has a race to train their own ground, no one tried to stop there, despite the influx of people hurried past each other, to immerse themselves in the beauty nameless, then steeped in thinking of themselves yet? Has anyone ever stopped enjoying performances by street performers, music feel real special of London, and laughed with them, support them yet? Is it possible for someone who used to walk along the streets of London when the shops are still closed, and contemplate: "Well, it turns out London also times like this, the moments under that quiet night after only a few hours just disappear? ".

Has anyone tried the rain in London to wear wet yourself, but in the heart and that is happiness just discovered a new beauty of this land? At times someone looks at the sky of London, so beautiful, so in, but had vague sad yet? That when someone is standing under the sky where this foreign land, there are those who are standing under the skies of Saitama on the other to his or her waiting ... Then suddenly realized, when looking at every beauty, every person still feel grief themselves.

I am a student in the coastal city in the southwest of England, 1.5 hours from the capital by boat - Bournemouth. When it comes to the UK will be obscure to Bournemouth, but for me, it is a piece of land attached to life, for I am but happy happy moments with their friends, the people I thought I would never met. The beauty of Bournemouth different from London, the picture was simpler, more casual, like something as yet to be finalized, but it is the most beautiful sketches. One should carefully watch this picture can see the hidden features, new feel all the emotions contained therein.

Who, too, is an international student would be very easy to feel lonely, feel lost between the lines are very busy people out there, and this time, I choose to go around the city to explore more about the potential, and to shake off all sorrow of itself.

Bournemouth has a coastline with sandy beaches gilded under the sun glare tied. That's where I drop soul, his heart drop, drop once confided to strong waves come and go. Walk along it, I feel the bitter cold weather, but as it wants to take away all the tiredness of me, give me comfort, joy. Walk along it, I used to cry, cry because of loneliness, so tired, so sad. Walking along it, I also had to laugh, laughing, happy, because this place has made me grow up, give me a life that, despite the failure will continue to stand up.

Study abroad, also means getting used to having to take the bus. Time sitting on the bus, headphones, forget everything, that's when I feel most comfortable. Through the window, I saw the family laughs happily, seeing the couple holding hands walking down the street, see the group you hang out together laughed straw. I remember his time in Hanoi, that he also was one of those who are happy like that, but this time I was alone. And UK alone. The bus let me admire this land in another aspect. A beauty that only human beings away from home as we understand. A beauty which alone we feel sad, alone we feel lonely.

I always sit on the last bus to the station, where I do not know where this is, nor determine the orientation. I always want to try to see where this British soil, it contains beauty that do not know anymore. See, it was immersed. I at that time, have to ask yourself how questions themselves never answered. I at the time, was crying like there's no tomorrow. I at the time, went up a hill and then shouted to the sky, saying, "I have tried many more, have to fall much further tears, how much longer must fall again, can my parents are not the days of our thoughts. "

England that day, heavy rain.

England that day, using his beauty that hold me close.

England, did not abandon me.

Besides Saitama, maybe the UK is the place I love the most, is where most memories for me. It is not simply a country I come and go, but also a piece of land gave me her beauty to help me overcome myself. This country has taken me to many emotions frame, help me understand myself. England in my eyes, is a beautiful piece of land has the same I cry, and I'm happy, a place for me to understand, and where I willingly put my love into it forever.

Travel Myanmar: Explore Mandalay City

Located not far from Bagan and only takes about 30 minutes you will fly to Mandalay, Mandalay is a city of chaos, smoke and dust everywhere and evening here of course is also very dull by this place as well or blackouts throughout where in the country Myanmar. When leaving this bustling downtown to visit the spectacular architecture of this place different, then you will really understand the beauty of the region has also been the ancient capital of the country of origin golden temple basis.

Myanmar is known for so many temples distributed all over the country, and in every different city, the temple also has its own changes. Only about 30 minutes drive from Bagan, Mandalay you to the city. Mandalay right to the first temple will make you overwhelmed by the sophistication of the temple, the temple was carved Shweinbin thousands of different special texture. Along with Myanmar discovery tour to the destination which is being famous in Myanmar.
Mandalay City-Travel Myanmar

City Mandalay: Pagoda Shweinbin surrounded by brick walls on site and so if standing on the outside looking in you can not see particularly impressive feature of this temple, but they entered inside, you will be collected fascinated by the chiseled lines of a soaring roof, the lines carved on the walls beautiful, doors, beams and roof and columns riem. It was built entirely of wood, the floral ornamentation leaves, the statue, statues of fairies, Buddhas, and the motif sign on and are proportionate. Longevity over time, cover up the rain wash sun temple black stained brown wood, it is difficult taking pictures, but in return you will be watching the magnificent beauty of the temple Shweinbin.

Come and discover

Besides the beauty that is there are a lot of other beauty of various buildings spread throughout the suburban and inner city Mandalay. Former royal palace complex is vast and magnificent, it is surrounded by walls and a moat layer width is also memorable place for visitors to come here. In Maha Muni pagoda city visitors will find existing gold Buddha statue and it is considered one of the three treasures of Myanamr country including in Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda, Mandalay Buddha in gold and stones ...

Between Myanmar travel itinerary, you should not miss the opportunity to climb up the hill City Mandalay to watch the sunset, it's something that a lot of tourists come here all want to do while in this colorful city.

Come to Mandalay city you can not miss the opportunity to watch the sunset on Lake Inle. Go there in the afternoon you will contemplate the beauty sunset on Inle lake immense. Enjoy the sunset at U Bein bridge would also be a memorable thing for tourists to this place. Long wooden bridge in the world made entirely of teak is also where visitors massing of each session sunset. Guests will not be surprised by how rugged boat people here, especially the fishermen have a very unique style that rowing is rowing with one leg, Intha floating villages between immense waves gorgeous, Inle is home to the wild beauty but very special and it also left in the tourists go there feeling completely different from other parts of Myanmar.

Besides that beauty is there are a lot of other beauty of various buildings spread throughout the suburbs and in the city Mandalay. Former royal palace complex is vast and magnificent, it is surrounded by walls and a moat layer width is also memorable place for visitors to come here. In Maha Muni pagoda city visitors will find existing gold Buddha statue and it is considered one of the three treasures of Myanamr country including in Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda, Mandalay Buddha in gold and stones ...

Travel in Nha Trang: 10 most attractive places to visit (part 2)

Nha Trang Tourism has long been popular with many interesting sights, such as the island with beautiful beaches, pristine, ancient Thap Cham, typical food and sea regions. Travel World Wonder will now introduce to you 10 attractive places in Nha Trang that should not to be missed during your trip.
Nha Trang Viet Nam

6. Ponagar tower
Ponagar tower is a perfection ancient architectural of the Cham. From the center of Nha Trang City go 2km to the north; you will reach the place easily. Relics consists of four towers and two temples, the largest tower is for Ponagar goddess worship (in Cham language it means Mother of Nature)

7. Hon Chong – Hon Vo
This place is about 3km away from the northeast of the city center. “Hon Chong” rock is a large population with a variety of shapes, stacked high running from the shore into the sea. A group of smaller stones, located in the foothills to the east, known as “Hon Vo” Hon Chong space almost separated from the space's bustling streets. It is also one of the most beautiful views of the city.

8. Van Phong Bay
Van Phong Bay is belonging to Van Ninh district (Khanh Hoa), about 40km away from the north of Nha Trang. It attracts visitors with the wild beauty of the populations of small islands and blue in the smaller bays inside.

9. Dai Lanh Beach
Dai Lanh Beach is located in Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, situated on the National Highway 1A, City Tourism Nha Trang way about 80km to the north. After struggling delight under the water, visitors can rent motorboats to visit the village of Khai Luong brush, Dam Mon, Vung Ro port, or to explore the village of Dai Lanh lives of fishermen...

10. Dam Market

This is a beautiful structure, located in the center of NhaTrang city tour. Dam Market sells a lot of souvenirs and local products. Here the focus is very rich seafood, especially dried seafood.

Travel in Nha Trang: 10 most attractive places to visit (part 1)

Nha Trang Tourism has long been popular with many interesting sights, such as the island with beautiful beaches, pristine, ancient Thap Cham, typical food and sea regions. Travel World Wonder will now introduce to you 10 attractive places in Nha Trang that should not to be missed during your trip.

1. Vinpearl Land
Located on Hon Tre island with crystal clear waters all year round, Vinpearl Land is known as "tropical paradise". Apart from the luxury hotel, beautiful gardens, ideal freshwater pool, this place also attracts visitors to the area Thrilling game and the spectacular 4D cinema. Tickets to the island including the cable car tickets and playing games are at the cost of 600.000 vnd per adults and 350.000VND per children (1.0m - 1.4m tall).
2. Hon Mun Island
Hon Mun with clear waters and coral ecosystems and splendor, was rated by Fund World Wildlife (WWF) as the most regional marine biodiversity place in Vietnam. At Hon Mun, visitors can not miss activities like: having some drink in the bar floating on the sea, exploring coral diving, glass bottom boat...
3. Hon Tam Island
Has an area of of about 110 hectares, from the Nha Trang city go from about 7km to the southeast. From Hon Tam we can see the whole city in the north of Nha Trang and Cam Ranh peninsula in the south. In addition to beautiful beaches, this place is also known for exploring marine activities by glass bottom boat and diving services to view coral.
4. Ninh Van Bay
About 60 kilometers away from Nha Trang, it is located on a peninsula named Hon Cat, Ninh Van Bay has a bold and pure untouched beauty. It is particularly suitable for those who want to feel relaxed in the quiet coastal space. Additionally, you can also snorkeling and scuba diving or try surfing, windsurfing, kayaking.
5. Nha Trang Oceanography Institute
Oceanographic Institute was established in 1923, is located at No. 1 Cau Da from downtown Nha Trang about 6km to the southeast. It has over 20,000 specimens of 4,000 types of marine and freshwater organisms were collected and preserved for years. In particular, to the Institute of Oceanography, you will admire the giant whale skeleton near the 26m long, 3m high with 48 vertebrae fully restored.

Pack up and come to El Nido just as soon as you could!

If we say that the Philippines is a treasure for the followers of the sea, with beautiful islands like pearls on a string attached stone, the El Nido would be the brightest jewel there.
There are countless reasons for you to make an "immediate and always" trip to El Nido, Travel World Wonder will help you to find out those reason.

1. Extremely wildness and enchanting beauty
     Located at the end of the Palawan Island, about 420 km away from Manila, El Nido is quiet and graceful as a rough gem has yet been discovered. In El Nido, you can enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling and visiting smaller islands or secret swimming places on the boat. When you are boring, you can be lounging on the white sand shore, listening to music and relax, you will be refreshed quickly.

2. This place is called “land of the dragon”
     People calls El Nido the land of the dragon because of its majestic landscape made of plenty of limestone will different size and shape. These rocks are scattered on the sea, linked together to form a community ecotourism extremely attractive. Besides, El Nido has become even more attractive with the beach, white sand, mangrove forests and mysterious caves.

3. The water of the sea is incredible clean and clear
     Filipino people are very conscious of conserving natural landscape here, you will be surprised when the town is landlocked, and the coast is very clean. Pristine landscape with unique flora preserved carefully making it one of the true treasures of the Philippines.

4. Easy to reach
     From Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city you can book a ticket to Manila, you should book through Cebu Parcific Air for several months, return air tickets has the price at about $80. The flight will take you for about two hours and a half. After that you can set the next flight to Puerto Princesa city, and then catch a bus of Cherry or Roro brand to El Nido.

6. The language barrier is not a big problem.

     Apart from the local language, the Filipino people are using English as a main language in daily communication. Therefore, you will have no difficulty in communicating if you have good English skills.

Where to visit when you travel to Da Nang – VietNam?

If you have chance to travel in Da Nang, where should you go? Da Nang is well known as the most worthy place to live in Vietnam, means that there is a lot of good things exist in there. Talk about traveling, Da Nang as well has many beautiful places and I am sure that once you go there, you will be impressed and will never be able to forget! Let Travel World Wonder show you some of the places.
1. Hoi An ancient town:
Hoi An is a famous tourist destination of many domestic and international tourists. You can see the restored ancient blocks over hundreds of years. While in Hoi An, tourists can enjoy the scenery on the river, the cool blue beach. And experience the rich cuisine dishes such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, pancakes ... compelling even the most discerning diners.
Not too dignified like those bustling areas Hue or Da Nang city. Hoi An ancient features, rustic and pure will make everyone want to visit this place

2. Lang Co beach: is a destination not to be missed when visiting Da Nang. Go from the city center for about 30 km, Lang Co located between a branch lines of Truong Son range, Lang Co beach shown in blue, is gentle, dreamy side of the white sand, mixed with the green of the jungle.
You should go to Lang Co to enjoy the fresh air and to shake off the noise of the city. And try out the experiences of pleasure such as fishing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, “jungle-ing” or visiting some of the beautiful scenery as Chan, Lang Co fishing village near the beach… Such feeling you can find at no where else!

3. Cu Lao Cham Island: Just about 15km far away from Cua Dai seashore. This is a world biosphere reserve includes cluster of islands off the East Sea 12 miles from Hoi An. Cu Lao Cham with abundant vegetation systems and balmy climate, tourists come here will be together with fishermen discover the diversity of flora and fauna rich in blue sea. Once there you will have the opportunity to enjoy cuisine from specialties such as: Vu nang snail , rock crab, wild vegetables...

4. My Khe Beach: Known for its white sand beaches stretching for more than 900m, moderate waves surrounded by coconut dreaming. This is also the beach was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the most charming beach planet.... Here visitors will be immersed in the fresh air with white sand beaches, temperate ocean waves. And together cuisine with seafood dishes, such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, seafood, abalone ...

5. Son Tra Peninsula: Located 10 km from the city center to the east, where it is considered a "green lung" of Da Nang. To Son Tra, you will be involved in many exciting activities you arrived locations such as: Explore the Son Tra grove, swimming in the My Khe beach, Bai But, join together with the fishermen to go fishing, coral diving ...

6. Ngu Hanh Son (Five Element Mountain): Admire the beauty of the 5 tips: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho Son. Located downtown Danang is about 8 km to the south Marble with fanciful space, together the design between the caves, temples dull sound of the temple bell, the waves ... This is the destination unforgettable for any traveler.

7. Ba Na Hills: This is one of the destinations that any visitor to visit Da Nang as well once set foot in this place. Here you will see the clear weather all 4 seasons in one day: spring – summer - autumn - winter. In addition, with the overall French style architecture and fascinating attraction, certainly Bana will be an attractive tourist sites in Da Nang that you should not ignore.