Purple flamboyant paradise in the central of South Africa

In the days of spring, the city of Pretoria filled a soft purple color made of thousands of flamboyant flower blooming at once. This is the best time of the year in South Africa and therefore the tourists come here more than any time because of its attraction

Top 3 Ideal Places To Watch Sunsets In The World

U Bein bridge locates in Myanmar, it is the world's longest wooden bridge, this bridge is one of the most ideal places to watch the sunset. UBein Bridge is 1.2 kilometers in length, connects two banks of the river Taungthamna. The bridge has become a familiar place of locals and Buddhist devotees to glimpse the sun set since last October.
U Bein bridge is one of the popular destination when you dicide traveling to Myanmar, the bridge is located in the outskirts of Mandalay of Myanmar. This can be considered the oldest and the world's longest wooden bridge, it also be one of the many places that is visited and photographed the most by the tourists in this country.
Located across the Lake Tayngthaman, U Bein bridge has a length of up to 1.2 kilometers, the bridge was constructed in 1800 by Mayor U Bein, material was taken from an ancient Palace. The Palace was abandoned when King Mindon decided to move the reign to the capital of Mandalay and the major pillars of the Palace became a part of U Bein bridge. Now if you notice the bridge, there are more than 1,000 large columns and thousands of wooden slab.
The evenings on the U Bein bridge
Originally the bridge was built entirely of wood. From time to time, under the impact of nature, a number of wooden pillar has been replaced by the concrete piles to increase the stability for the bridge. Over years, U Bein bridge always attract people and also be an important part of the lives of local people. This bridge was also gradually became a destination with interesting visitors to Myanmar tour, many visitors and the shifang Buddhist came here just to see the sun set.
The ideal time to visit U Bein bridge is in the evenings, the impressive images of brilliant golden orange sun covered bridges, through the wooden piles perhaps will be the most beautiful landscapes of Myanmar.
At this point in the day, the weather is cool, thus people will be more pleasant with the waft of fresh and cool atmosphere. The longest wooden bridge in Myanmar on each evenings will be a memorable experience when traveling to Myanmar.
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Tiergarten Park in Germany - A huge Garden

Tiergarten is the biggest park in the city of Berlin in Germany, and also a large area with forests, pastures, natural lakes right next to the city center of Berlin.
Tiergarten in German means "big zoo", the name of this place noted that this place used to be the hunting grounds of the imperial Prussia. Nowadays wild animals are no longer living in the forests of the park, but the 200-hectare garden and grasslands are nice perspective still save natural marks.

The Most Beautiful Mountains In The World That Will Makes You Passionately

1. Matterhorn, Switzerland
Matterhorn mountain of the Alps on the border between Switzerland and Italy. At a height of 4,478 meters, Matterhorn only ranked 6th among the highest mountains in Switzerland and 5th of  the 22 over - 4,000 meters high mountains of the Alps.
while it has no outstanding high but unique terrain of the mountain made it a symbol of Switzerland. Matterhorn is like a pyramid with four triangular faces meet at the top. The edges of the mountains was skillfully shaped by nature as if it was cut with a knife. All four sides of the mountain are very steep, so very little snow and ice cling to them.

Admire The Most Beautiful River In The World

1. The Rhine
The Rhine is one of the most beautiful famous rivers in Europe. Originated from the Grisons in the Swiss Alps, the river flows through Germany before into the North Sea in the Netherlands. It also offers visitors an exciting journey through Germany, the Netherlands and France. The journey will take you to Germany to see the Black Forest, the ancient cities of Cologne or the stunning beautiful castle-like in the fairy tales. To the Netherlands, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the famous windmill and when you stop in France there will be a day trip to the beautiful city of Strasbourg.

10 Places To Travel Absolutely Free In London

1. Street art in the Covent Garden market
In the evening in the west of Covent Garden market, we again began to show street art as sword swallowing, mime, magic, knife-throwing ... Also, comedy is also quite common here and help people feel relaxed. Artistic repertoire was performed at Covent Garden have been through a committee to ensure that the quality of the performances are high.

10 Most Beautiful Mountain Trails In The World

1. Azores, Portugal
Autonomous islands is located in Portugal of about 1,360 kilometers in the Atlantic Ocean, formed from the volcanic activity, the Islands many beautiful natural landscape with fertile soils and vegetation development, 9 an island like about 600 square kilometers is the famous tourist and travel industry have developed thanks to the advantage of the inherent nature. Visitors can participate in activities such as golf, diving, mountain climbing, boating ... to enjoy this place.

10 Attractive Tourist Destinations In Southeast Asia Should Come Once

 1. Angkor, Cambodia
Angkor is a relic located north of Cambodia including Angkor Wat temple huge, with countless Bayon stone statue faces and Ta Prohm, ancient Buddhist temples were clinging by the roots of giant trees. Angkor was the capital of the Khmer from the 9th century to the 14th century with the culture affects many countries in Southeast Asia. Is where organizations, specialized magazines and famous tourist sites the world evaluate and rank high, Angkor is considered an ideal destination indispensable journey on this land.

5 Buddhist pilgrimage site famous in Myanmar

1. Shwedagon Paya
As a symbol of this Buddhist country, Shwedagon Paya, located in the former capital Yangon, in fact is a gold ledge. With located higher than the city to 100 metre, it is not difficult for people to be able to admire this sacred place from anywhere. People here said that this temple was built 2,500 years ago for the purpose of storing a hair of the Buddha left his two younger brothers. In addition, this is also where the line items as well as many other temples and shrines in the city. Experience Shwedagon At dawn to enjoy all the beauty of this place. Join the pilgrimage before sunset is also a great idea to be able to admire the beauty of the Shwedagon magical sunlight.

The sites attracted travelers in Canada

Canada is the second biggest nation on the planet, just behind the Republic of Russia. This nation has an excessive number of delightful normal marvels, in this manner, if given the go to Canada, you ought to visit the accompanying spots in any event once.

6 Attractive Tourist Destination In The World

1. Thor's Well, Oregon
Be cautioned when gazing into the extreme and intense magnificence that is Thor's Well in Cape Perpetua, you may simply get sucked in case you're not very cautious. Despite the fact that from a remote place this may resemble your average salt drinking fountain, getting to it for a decent photograph operation is quite unsafe. Think Calypso-perilous.

Buddhist lands on spring day-Travel India

Spring pilgrimage, tourists will have the opportunity to visit many famous temples, the glass lit incense compression between nowhere sacred wish all the best for the family. In it, two Buddhist sacred land of India and Myanmar will be the destination not to be missed by all the pilgrims. Go to the back, to enjoy the cult ceremony, wealthy girl to next add the source from where the faith descended to Earth Buddha.

Vivid Sydney Festival 2016 - The fascinate comes from the light

Vivid Sydney is the largest light Festival in the southern hemisphere and is one of the 10 most innovative Festival of the planet. Come to this festival, you will be "voyeuristic" a party full of light colour. When night falls, using 3D lighting effects combine with the painting and music, has turned Sydney into the carpet color giant, sparkling magic. "Banquets" light Vivid Sydney 2016.

Central Asia mystery and magic

Located in the heart of continental Asia - Europe, Central Asia is not only a strategic position economically and militarily but also a charming tourist paradise. The desert and steppe endless, the majestic mosques with the stamp of "Silk Road" evokes the golden ... always dream adventure to burning. This summer, Vietravel is the pioneer and unique tours to introduce road Kazakhstan - Azerbaijan - Georgia with attractive price and experience "unprecedented".

Experience the winter of Kangaroo

Located between the Pacific and Indian Ocean, Australia is the country with the 6th largest area in the world, so there are many diverse climates and different from country located in the Northern Hemisphere. So on every level in June, when the heat of the tropical summer in the land of kangaroos, the first snow of the season began to fall. To Australia at this time, you will be greeted by a series of events extremely attractive recreation such as skiing, skiing and winter sports exciting.

The Seven Wonders of Oregon

1. Mt. Hood
From a separation, the snow-topped top of Mt. Hood looks amazing, however it's stunningly better very close. It gloats year-round skiing at Timberline Lodge, completely clear snow capped lakes, perfect trekking and climbing, ice caverns to investigate, and shocking tough wild all around. Whether you need to hit the inclines or make tracks in an opposite direction from everything with a drive through the Mt. Hood National Forest, once you take a full breath of that crisp mountain air, there won't be any uncertainty in your psyche why Mt. Hood is one of Oregon's Seven Wonders.

Best Time to Travel - Natural Wonders

* The Victoria Falls are normally at full surge in May and June. A mind blowing volume of water falls over the waterfall right now, creating the earth to shake and sending an enormous tuft of fog into the air. Capturing the Falls is very amid the a few months going before and tailing this top stream, when there isn't exactly as much fog to drench picture taker and hardware. The Falls are at their most reduced in October and November, amid which time review is best from the Zimbabwe side.

10 adventures to pursue in San Francisco’s Golden Gate National Recreation Area

1. Road tripping, Marin Headlands
After you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, exit at Alexander Avenue, cross under the 101 and transform on Conzelman Road to start the crash into the Marin Headlands. In case you're out and about at dusk, park at Battery Spencer and take the short way to a Golden Gate perspective that puts pretty much all other picturesque sounds and scaffolds to disgrace.
Nightfall settles along the Marin Headlands and the Point Bonita Lighthouse. (Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times) More photographs

Last-minute Raya getaway ideas

1. For outdoor types: Sydney
Favored with exquisite shorelines, notorious points of interest and a lively expressions scene, Sydney genuinely has it all. Devoted surfers will discover their ecstasy at Bondi Beach and Manly, while society vultures can get a show at the Sydney Opera House. Arrangement a family excursion to Taronga Zoo, where kids (and adults) can go gaga over cuddly koalas and kangaroos.If you're a shopaholic, head to the Rocks' bright weekend market for vintage style and neighborhood makes. Following an epic day of touring, loosen up with a picturesque walk around Darling Harbor, or devour fish sticks and french fries at one of Sydney's numerous phenomenal fish spots. One thing's without a doubt: you'll never be exhausted!

Round Up Of Travel News From Around The World

1. Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival
The yearly Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival is a festival of all thing lotus blossoms, while likewise highlighting the significance of safeguarding wild blooms. As a major aspect of the celebration festivities, the occasion highlights an assortment of projects, for example, lotus paper origami and bloom cleanser making. The current year's merriments will keep running from July 8 to 17 at Buyeo's Seodong Park.