Take a look at some impressive abandoned venues around the world (Part 2)

Around the world there are big projects for some reason abandoned in history for a long time. Let's walk through these impressive places and learn about their history.

11. Beelitz-Heilstatten Hospital in the city of Brandenburg, was built to serve the military in World War I and II. But the work was abandoned after the Russian military withdrew from here in 1994.

12. A cemetery military facilities at the military training center of Kabul, Afghanistan. Tanks and armored troop transport vehicles rusting for years after Soviet troops left Afghanistan in 1989.

13. Rubjerg Knude lighthouse was built in Denmark in 1900 but ceased operations in 1968. The situation was eroding cliffs like today, the lighthouse is expected to fall into the sea by 2023.

14. Diamond Mine near the town of Mirny in Siberia Russia abandoned after closing in 2004. It is the second largest artificial lake in the world.
15. The capital of the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean buried in volcanic ash in 1997 and so far people have not yet returned.

16. The steel fortress looked like in fiction, built during World War II at the mouth of the River Thames in England.

17. The volcanic island of Hachijo-jima been called the Hawaii of Japan, the Royal hotel luxury Hachijo opened in 1963. However, this project has been closed since 2003 to date.

18. More than 5,000 people lived and worked in the mine on Hashima Island, Japan. But the island was abandoned after the mine closed in 1974. It became famous after appearing in blockbuster James Bond film series.

19. Orpheum Theatre with a capacity of 1,500 seats, opened in 1912 in the city of New Bedford, Massachusetts (USA). Then the theater was used as a movie theater before closing in 1959 and abandoned so far.

20. The village Oradour-sur-Glane in France was destroyed in 1944 and became a memorial site after World War II.

Take a look at some impressive abandoned venues around the world (Part 1)

Around the world there are big projects for some reason abandoned in history for a long time. Let's walk through these impressive places and learn about their history.

1. After the mining industry in Bolivia collapsed, railway lines serving this sector fall into the abandoned state. But today, many people have returned to Uyuni train cemetery to watch the rusted trains.

2. Before Sandy hurricane in 2012, Jet Star roller coaster system in Seaside Heights in New Jersey (USA) is an attractive sights. Unfortunately, the storm made structures submerged in seawater and loss.

3. Located in the city of Warsaw in Poland, this large building used to be a gas plant Wola began operation in 1888. The factory closed in the 1970s after the city stopped using natural gas. Today, a part of this project is used as a museum, while the rest are still abandoned.

4. An ancient trees growing on the Ta Prohm temple in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia (left). Scary destination lies in a new book entitled "abandoned Places", the author Kieron Connolly (right).
5. This odd-shaped hotel is located near the "ghosts" city Fengdu, on the banks of the Yangtze River, China. This work has not been completed and is in a state abandoned.

6. Above is a disrepair frame in a Protestant church, in the village Zeliszow (Poland). Church roof with a large hole, while peeling paint and wood fragments scattered all over the floor.

7. The lake’s water is in red cyanide color due to pollution and other chemicals; this lake has been used to submerge a villages in Romania, Geamana, to serve a nearby copper mine. Everything you can see is the tip of the church on the lake surface.

8. This unfinished castle lay neglected in Wonderland theme park on the outskirts of Beijing, China. This project is aborted after investors and people do not reach agreement on compensation for land.

9. Built in the early 1980s in the city of Cape Romano, Florida (US), the houses use solar energy to serve people for about 10 years. But in 1992, Andrew hurricane caused heavy damage to the area and the house continues to be ravaged by Wilma hurricane in 2005.

10. When gold was discovered in the town of Bodie, California (USA), in 1859, it became a bustling town, but then they faded away by the new gold rush. Today, Bodie still remain in ruins and became an attractive tourist destination.

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