The village only hosts VIP tourists in Italy

Locorotondo is a destination for VIP travelers worldwide! Locorotondo is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. The Trullo house with pyramidal roof is built from limestone slabs located between the gardens, emerald paddy fields. You are looking for beautiful places in Locorotondo, Locorotondo travel experience? Along refer to the article below!

Locorotondo - A name flowed from the lips of our most amazing ways, and a really fun place worthy of the title "Borghi piĆ¹ belli d'Italia" (one of the most beautiful villages in Italy ).

Located on a big hill, Locorotondo is a great place to watch the beautiful countryside around. Sweeping views of the building with the typical architecture of the village green petal to the trees creak in the wind. All stretches from the mountains to the other hill provides spectacular views.

To Locorotondo visitors can see fields, vineyards and olive groves dotted with conical roofs of the houses and farms Trulli. If you go car, you may have discovered some quiet rural roads of the area and is a good opportunity to see close up the beautiful countryside of Italy's most. You can wander down the small road from the town center and found himself among the fields in minutes, with picturesque scenery.

Square Vittorio Emanuele is located on a hilltop, it is a small square with a cafe, a tourist information office where you can get maps or brochures and St George's Chapel, the building neoclassical magnificent nineteenth century belong to dominate the main square, with St George on horseback overlooking the town. Opposite is a small park with views of the countryside below an outdoor photography exhibition, extremely charming with pictures describing the life of old and new in this small town.

Locorotondo is known for its wine, which you'll find in restaurants around the Puglia region. The main wine is produced locally at Cantina Sociale del Locorotondo is white and sparkling light This is definitely a meaningful gift or visitors can take home to enjoy the evening drink.

Just go to Via Madonna della Catena near the train station, visitors can participate in the festivities in one of two holidays of the patron saint. Opt largest trade fair for San Giorgio on 22 and 23 April, or music and fireworks for San Rocco on 16th May 8. The atmosphere on this occasion extremely lively and excited, optical arrivals this will integrate and experience the culture of the natives and know where to find suitable items for themselves.

When to Locorotondo so where?

If you are traveling Locorotondo, you will probably find two or Martina Franca Alberobello area suitable for overnight stays, with many transportation options, restaurants and more shopping. If you like to spend a night in the small town charm, you can sleep in the small apartment of Sotto le Cummerse, the Albergo Diffuso ( 'hotel typical') to see the tree in the tip of Locorotondo.

How to travel in Locorotondo?

Like many small towns of Italy, finding a parking space in Locorotondo can be somewhat difficult, especially in the peak tourist season. However, we recommend parking in one of the parking lot a little bigger outside the old town. But may have to walk in, but there is also a great way to visit Locorotondo closer.

You can also arrive by boat Locorotondo Ferrovie Sud Est from directly from Bari, with a travel time of about an hour. In addition, the distance between the towns only separated by a few minutes away from Martina Franca ship likened to Alberobello. The station is a commercial center a short walk. Please note that on Sunday, the vessel being replaced by buses.

The most luxurious, isolated hotels in the world

The most luxurious hotels in the world not only provides a luxurious retreat that was built, to create a feeling of privacy.

Royal Mansour (Marrakech, Morocco): built by the Royal standard, each room of the 53 rooms and two floors here feature stained glass, mosaic tiles, carpets, silk, brocade fabric-covered furniture and crystal figurines. Royal Mansour similar to a city with city walls surround, 4 restaurants, 3 bars, libraries, art galleries, public bath house.

The Brando (Tahiti): located on a private island in the islands of Tetiaroa, includes resort luxurious villa is 35. Each villa has a private pool and direct access to the beach. With costs from 3,700 USD, you are relaxing in the luxurious room, enjoy the dishes cooked by Chef two Michelin stars, enjoy a spa, diving ...

Hotel island of Fogo (Canada): situated on the cliffs in an island off the coast of Newfoundland, this hotel as are sitting on the edge of the world. Fogo has 29 rooms with luxurious furnishings, fireplaces, hot tubs of the same broad vision towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Silo (Cape Town, South Africa): this hotel is a good impression with guests from the first minute thanks to the glass-domed window. Inside the Silo has 28 rooms, decorated with Persian rugs, Egyptian-style crystal chandeliers and Oriental essence of Africa. The pool is located on the top floor offers visitors a relaxing moment at the same sight down the mountain, Victoria & Albert Waterfront, the Atlantic.

Resorts in Pedregal (Mexico): this is one of those resorts have the best security system in the world. Visitors must pass through security gates before driving through a private tunnel illuminated by chandeliers located at the foot of a high mountain. The resort is also focused on the privacy of customers with independent private pool area, towards the sea.

Anantara resorts Al Jabal Al Akhdar (Oman): this is the ideal choice for those who seek elegance combined with the sense of ambiguity, nowhere. Located on the edge of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, Anantara mountains bring broad vision. The rest are all very impressive, big outdoor courtyard pool together. The resort also offers spa services with lavish bathroom, hot water and natural salt from Korea.

Hotel Mashipi (Ecuador): this hotel is a wonderful combination between beauty from nature and luxury from the glass, iron and steel. It is located deep in the tropical forests of Mashpi, has 22 rooms with large baths, wide window. Mashpi is also at the forefront of eco-tourism. In the hotel are granted power from the hydroelectric plant located at the living nearby.

SONEVA Kiri (Thailand): located between the jungle and the Ocean on the island of Koh Kood, Soneva Kiri is one of the luxury hotels and secluded for in Thailand. With costs from 970 USD, you can enjoy life in one of 36 luxury villas thatched roofs are made from wood. Each room is equipped with a terrace, infinity pool, swab the bathroom indoors and outdoors.

Jack's Camp (Botswana): built in the late 60 's, Jack's Camp is the legendary hunting area in southern Africa. The charm of ancient style of this hotel comes from 10 tents decorated with Persian rugs, a lithography and refined. In addition, Jack's Camp is also offered life facilities with swimming pools, library, Museum, a games room, a bar.

The most attractive hotels World_

Magazine Travel and Leisure's just announced its annual list of the tourist hotels are voted to bring the most special experience.

1. Mombo Camp, Moremi moor, Botswana

Nine of the campsite tents Mombo mingle perfectly in view of the Okavango Delta and still make guests feel luxurious. Each tent has mosquito nets, bed four frames, bathroom indoors and outdoors.

2. Castello di Casole hotels, resorts Timbers, Casole d'Elsa, Italy

A path with green cypress trees either side will lead you to the ancient castle of the tenth century. The hotel consists of 41 suites rustic combined with oil paintings and antique models made of terracotta and essere Spa with massage and relaxation room.

3. Hotel Singita Kruger National Park, South America

Hotel Singita include two types of luxury rooms are suites in the tall trees and the rooms are located near the river. The glass walls of the suites overlooking the Lebombo vast lands and mountains Lelombo, while suites Sweni built on treetops along the Sweni River.

4. Nayara Hotel and gardens, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Visitors to the region to participate in activities wildlife sightseeing, rafting and kayaking on Lake Arenal. Among the many hotels in the area, tourists often choose hotels Nayara bias. The owner of the hotel dynamic, Mr. Leo Ghitis, was equipped with 50 villas with spacious rooms (some villas have hot water bath) and green interior design.

5. Four Seasons Bora resort-bora, French Polynesia

The wooden hut on the water is the most attractive option at this resort, and they account for 107 rooms scattered along the coast of the island and private lagoon. Wall of the thatched huts were made of volcanic rock and all possible views of the turquoise sea, and Mount Pahia Otemanu mountain.

6. Hotel The Lodge at Kauri slope, Matauri Bay, New Zealand

22 suites of the hotel The Lodge stretches over the countryside of the North Island. Not only the sport of golf is the most attractive, the hotel also has two tennis courts, a swimming pool and three separate grounds.

7. Ritz-Carton Hotel, Berlin

The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin is one of the skyscrapers is inspired by Art Deco style. The hotel was designed by Peter Silling, comprising 303 guest rooms, including 40 suites, are decorated by the watercolors of Markus Luepertz and yellow silk cloth, green and red.

The expensive Hotel VIP only

The Capri Palace Hotel and Spa-Capri Italy

This hotel is located on the beautiful island of Capri, where tourists can arrive by boat from Sorrento or the rich Neapolitan culture. Five stars hotel Capri Palace carries the features of a Neapolitan-style Palace appears on the island from the year 1700.
The hotel is decorated with white furnishings, elegant flashiness to honor the original architecture and the works of contemporary art. Of course, you can also admire the spectacular idyllic blue sea of the Bay of Naples when stop at this hotel.

Amanzoe-Porto Heli, Greece

Located on a hill surrounded by olive trees and paddy fields of lush bronze, Amanzoe brings the experience of a Greek-style paradise with outdoor kitchens and restaurants, pool and infinity both a club the beach reserved for the guests of his own.
Besides the many facilities available (including spa treatments, a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool, diving), Amanzoe also offers tours to explore the historical sites locally, or even go sailing to nearby Greek Islands.

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc — Antibes, France

Luxury hotel uniquely located in Cap d'Antibes between Cannes and Nice in this spectacular setting ownership of southern France with a lot of sea-oriented balcony and bar champagne.

The room is open design, meticulous and luxury with high glass doors from the floor to the ceiling lets in the Sun of southern France overwhelmed it.

Hotel Le Bristol-Paris, France

This 5-star hotel was honored as the Palace Hotel first of Paris thanks to the charm of it. Marble fountain in the courtyard of the hotel is a testament to this.
Inside, the room is decorated with stylish furniture Paris and ancient works of art. Some rooms also include a jacuzzi and a spacious balcony overlooking the French capital.

Six Senses — The Douro Valley Lamego, Portugal

Was voted the best hotel in Europe, Six Senses Douro Valley is situated between the beautiful lush countryside of Portugal. Hotels of this 19th-century building overlooking the vineyards planted on the hills of the Valley of the Douro and the River below.
This hotel also boasts a restaurant and excellent dining room, which has a combined dining room/kitchen outdoors allows guests the experience of chef cooking for themselves.
This hotel was voted in at number 1 thanks to the quality of the rooms, the staff, the restaurant, swimming pool, Garden, wine library – and the beautiful scenery around.

Hotels are only for VIPs when traveling the world

In addition to the famous hotels around the world, then in each country also has many hotels are appreciated and are more popular with travelers. But coverage of these hotels in the area just inland but the "hot" they have spread to many different continents. Learn right along the famous hotels in the world and in some beautiful country c'mon!

Hotel Le Meurice, France

Le Meurice is a 5-star hotel in Paris, owns a prime location in the heart of Paris. Meurice impress but classic architecture and exquisite elegance of the eighteenth century. Moreover, this hotel is also known for collections of antiques are on display inside.

rated as the best hotel in the world, the Grand Hotel timeo located in the heart of Taormina, right next to the theater ancient Greek university in Italy. Five-star hotels in Italy are not only appreciated by the refined, elegant, it also has a panoramic view of Mount Etna admire and coast of Sicily. In addition, the elegant Grand Hotel timeo remaining in each decorative objects and fine art, beautiful textiles and amenities.

Famous Hotels in South Korea

Is one of the best 5 star hotel in South Korea, Lotte Hotel Seoul is located in central Seoul. Here are the leading choice for customers welcomed VIP guests and many important figures and leaders from different countries. Simultaneously, it is also the hotel holding the number of the international event and the largest cultural festival in Korea.

Park Hyatt Busan has 269 luxury rooms and suites equipped with the latest technology and the most advanced facilities. Located in a central location, with many shopping malls of international stature and spectacular scenic view, Park Hyatt Busan is an ideal residential location for travelers who want a luxurious vacation, exquisite.

Famous Hotels in Singapore

Is a typical 5 star hotel in Singapore, featuring St.Regis portrayed lines picky, bearing the royal style with elegant furniture, harmonious. Besides, the hotel offers a variety of special services such as registered to "become king" with Bentleys with chauffeur, spa or restaurant chain varied menu ...

Marina Bay Sands

As populations Resort mixture and is the largest hotel in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands include a canal, a museum of architecture lotus, theaters, cinemas, shops and casinos vast, modern. Most particularly, is an infinity pool with a height of 200m on the terrace has an area approximately equal to three football fields. Here, travelers just breathe the fresh air in the morning, just to enjoy the spectacular sight of the night when the whole island lights up.

Famous Hotels Switzerland

Derby Swiss Quality Hotel is a great choice of travelers to Grindelwald. Here, visitors can easily move to places like Mont - Bell Grindelwald, Vogts Corner, GrindelwaldSports. Moreover, tourists can experience the services and recreational facilities such as sauna, golf, skiing, sunbathing.

Bristol Hotel

Designed object suitable for tourists and leisure travel, Bristol Hotel is located in an ideal location in Uferweg Area, only 0,2km from the city center. The hotel is not only modern and comfortable but also easy access to numerous attractions such as St. Mauritius Church Matterhorn Museum.

Famous Hotels in Thailand

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, is one of the leading 5 star hotel in Bangkok. This is the first hotel to be built in Thailand as the country opened in 1879 and is always in the list of world's best hotels.

The Siam help visitors experience the unique culture, unique in Thailand with the most advanced services. The biggest plus point for this hotel is stunning antique style located on the Chao Praya River, in the historic Dusit district, a convenient location for a memorial of the peace under King Rama V. In particular, only 5 minutes ride you can get to the Vimanmek Teak Palace Museum and Royal Palace.

Famous Hotels in Dubai

Located in the Business Bay district, Taj Dubai's luxury hotel-style India. It offers a view panoramic view Burj Khalifa skyscraper, outdoor swimming pool, spa and wellness center.

Renaissance Downtown Hotel

is located on Dubai's artificial canal Water Canal, Downtown Hotel Renaissance hotel, with stunning views of the city skyline. It has an outdoor pool, an indoor pool looked great.