Hotels are only for VIPs when traveling the world

In addition to the famous hotels around the world, then in each country also has many hotels are appreciated and are more popular with travelers. But coverage of these hotels in the area just inland but the "hot" they have spread to many different continents. Learn right along the famous hotels in the world and in some beautiful country c'mon!

Hotel Le Meurice, France

Le Meurice is a 5-star hotel in Paris, owns a prime location in the heart of Paris. Meurice impress but classic architecture and exquisite elegance of the eighteenth century. Moreover, this hotel is also known for collections of antiques are on display inside.

rated as the best hotel in the world, the Grand Hotel timeo located in the heart of Taormina, right next to the theater ancient Greek university in Italy. Five-star hotels in Italy are not only appreciated by the refined, elegant, it also has a panoramic view of Mount Etna admire and coast of Sicily. In addition, the elegant Grand Hotel timeo remaining in each decorative objects and fine art, beautiful textiles and amenities.

Famous Hotels in South Korea

Is one of the best 5 star hotel in South Korea, Lotte Hotel Seoul is located in central Seoul. Here are the leading choice for customers welcomed VIP guests and many important figures and leaders from different countries. Simultaneously, it is also the hotel holding the number of the international event and the largest cultural festival in Korea.

Park Hyatt Busan has 269 luxury rooms and suites equipped with the latest technology and the most advanced facilities. Located in a central location, with many shopping malls of international stature and spectacular scenic view, Park Hyatt Busan is an ideal residential location for travelers who want a luxurious vacation, exquisite.

Famous Hotels in Singapore

Is a typical 5 star hotel in Singapore, featuring St.Regis portrayed lines picky, bearing the royal style with elegant furniture, harmonious. Besides, the hotel offers a variety of special services such as registered to "become king" with Bentleys with chauffeur, spa or restaurant chain varied menu ...

Marina Bay Sands

As populations Resort mixture and is the largest hotel in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands include a canal, a museum of architecture lotus, theaters, cinemas, shops and casinos vast, modern. Most particularly, is an infinity pool with a height of 200m on the terrace has an area approximately equal to three football fields. Here, travelers just breathe the fresh air in the morning, just to enjoy the spectacular sight of the night when the whole island lights up.

Famous Hotels Switzerland

Derby Swiss Quality Hotel is a great choice of travelers to Grindelwald. Here, visitors can easily move to places like Mont - Bell Grindelwald, Vogts Corner, GrindelwaldSports. Moreover, tourists can experience the services and recreational facilities such as sauna, golf, skiing, sunbathing.

Bristol Hotel

Designed object suitable for tourists and leisure travel, Bristol Hotel is located in an ideal location in Uferweg Area, only 0,2km from the city center. The hotel is not only modern and comfortable but also easy access to numerous attractions such as St. Mauritius Church Matterhorn Museum.

Famous Hotels in Thailand

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, is one of the leading 5 star hotel in Bangkok. This is the first hotel to be built in Thailand as the country opened in 1879 and is always in the list of world's best hotels.

The Siam help visitors experience the unique culture, unique in Thailand with the most advanced services. The biggest plus point for this hotel is stunning antique style located on the Chao Praya River, in the historic Dusit district, a convenient location for a memorial of the peace under King Rama V. In particular, only 5 minutes ride you can get to the Vimanmek Teak Palace Museum and Royal Palace.

Famous Hotels in Dubai

Located in the Business Bay district, Taj Dubai's luxury hotel-style India. It offers a view panoramic view Burj Khalifa skyscraper, outdoor swimming pool, spa and wellness center.

Renaissance Downtown Hotel

is located on Dubai's artificial canal Water Canal, Downtown Hotel Renaissance hotel, with stunning views of the city skyline. It has an outdoor pool, an indoor pool looked great.

10 best hotels in Europe for VIP

U.s. News & World Report put out the rankings of the most luxurious hotels in Europe, with reference to the rated on successful TripAdvisor page and reviews of travel industry professionals. They also consider both the ranking of hotels, especially hotels 5 star.

Many other hotels, whether ranked high because of comfort or luxury Interior or, ideally, but not top 10. Let's see if this is a good suggestion if you intend to travel to Europe in time to come.

1. The Lanesborough Hotel-London, England

After the period of 18 month renovation was recommissioned with 93 comfortable rooms including 24 g services, computer table in the room, in addition to that, you will really satisfy with a memorable meal at the Michelin restaurant Céleste.

2. Hotel Santa Caterina-Amalfi, Italy

Visitors, especially the young couples are on a honeymoon, with pen by 19th-century villas highlights up on the cliff jutting out of the Mediterranean Sea.

3. Hotel J.K. Place Roma-Rome, Italy

The hotel is situated in the main shopping centre of Rome and is equipped with designer furniture. The zone is the best place Cafe with J.K. breakfast especially tasty.

4. Hotel Palazzo Avino-Ravello, Italy

This luxury hotel is located within the campus villas are built from the 12th century. You'll have the best Spa places on the Amalfi coast.

5. Hotel Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, France

Only a few buildings from the Champs-Elysées, the world famous Four Seasons Hotel has a perfect position to aim Paris. In addition, this is the best location in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

6. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace-Budapest, Hungary

The hotel is located in the famous by its central location and full amenities, including in-room equipment, such as a Nespresso coffee machine, bath, spa area and a fitness room, where trainers are ready to serve.

7. The Beaumont Hotel-London, England

The hotel is loved by fascinating services although no gratuity policy applied. The room rate includes costs for the shuttle driver, breakfast and wi-fi waves.

8. Corinthia Hotel London hotel-London, England

The famous hotel with gorgeous penthouse suites, ideal location and elegant restaurant, spa service especially in the space of 4 floors with 17 treatment rooms, sauna and a swimming pool.

9. The Milestone Hotel-London, England

The hotel has 62 rooms, located near Kensington Gardens, is the choice of Ambassador and is also famous for the attentive when available, such as guests can explore options for London in a chauffeur with Benley.

10. Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, France

The famous hotel with balcony geranium workshop and sheds along the red one. Hotels are rated by the quality of service and a prime location on the Avenue Champs-Élysée and close to the Eiffel Tower.

There are exclusive and luxurious design hotel for VIP

Guests want to enjoy the full beauty of ice and snow, green forest of hammo and Scandinavia, the architects of this country had been working to create the rest place is extremely unique.

1. Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel is located near the town of Kiruna, Swedish Jukkasjarvi region is famous are built on an area of 6,000 square meters of ice and snow . Furniture and decorative objects picky in accomodations primarily made from ice as well, including the bed.

So every night, staying right inside a sleeping bag and then into bed. Every year, on to November, the Ice Hotel is built completely new. Before open to visitors in the winter, the ice blocks carved and polished very beautiful.

Apart from collection of sculptures from ice, the hotel also has a snow church for wedding guests. This hotel reception about 50 thousand visitors each year and just refused to children under 12 years old. The average room rate for a weekend here is $ 1,000.

2. Tree Hotel

A group of Swedish architects turned the dream has own house on the tree of many children come true. Harada in the peaceful village north of the country, Tree Hotel with a glass of premises situated at an altitude 6 meters above the ancient trees that are suitable for those who prefer to see the trees all sides. Especially as every room in the trees are marked own creation as an architect.

Best Features may include Mirror Cube, the room was coated mercury outside should reflect the whole situation surrounding trees. So that birds do not recognize this as human shelter and comfort for visitors to observe their natural life. Prices of hotel rooms on the higher course also can not lower: visitors will have to pay 550 USD / night to accomplish this dream childhoods.

3. Hotels in the ground

A room in Sala Silvermine Underground Loungem hotel used to be the silver mine capital

Same country Sweden, if you got bored altitude, visitors can find special feeling when overnight in an underground silver mine. Stockholm travel about 120km to the northwest, visitors will come to Sala Silvermine Underground Loungem, the property was formerly a 155 meters silver mine located deep underground.

But mobile phones can not be used here, but it is still in contact with the outside world using the internet. Hotel open year-round, and priced on par with the hotel ice above.

4. Glass Hotel Kakslauttanen

Also located on the Scandinavian peninsula to the "special" winter, Hotel Kakslauttanen with tents glass are great places for tourists to feel the full beauty winter night in Lapland, Finland. Finland winter night sky is known for the clear starry, sometimes including auroral light extremely splendid.

People will not miss the beauty that stay in tents throughout the fully equipped, there is even a pool. Price "tent" here starts from 200 USD / night. Not only attractive at night, daytime visitors can rent a snowmobile or explore the beautiful scenery on the cars pulled by husky dogs famous smart.

6 most luxurious hotel in Europe for VIP

You are not a princess or prince, is not a member of a royal family certain rights but you still want a break in a castle?

Europe is considered the base which owns several luxury real estate in the world from exclusive boutiques to large castle, or the hotel just for the rich and famous.
You are not a princess or prince, is not a member of a royal family that noble but still want to be a lie his release on the soft bed in a castle?

Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Hotels Conservatorium this luxury famous Vondelpark and Museumplein Square about 200m. It is housed in an old bank building 100 years, with contemporary design and cozy.

Gorgeous lobby, hallways are decorated with wood, brick and glass. Predominantly paint colors neutral colors, all the details are meticulous consideration from placing electrical outlet to bedside reading lights.

The highlight of the hotel is a large fitness center, modern, indoor pool and spa are located underground. This is a top choice for luxury travelers are willing to pay to stay downtown but still have quiet space to relax.

Hotels Abac, Barcelona (Spain)
The hotel has only 15 rooms and modern elegance. The rooms are decorated in color schemes of white and beige, installed lighting system with remote control curtains, and vivid sound system.
You should not miss the amazing spa services here with Turkish baths and a restaurant is rated as 5 stars.

Kempinksi Hotel Adlon, Berlin, Germany

Hotel Classic This elegant rich history, the Adlon Kempinski precursor is one of the most famous hotels in Europe during World War II. It once hosted famous guests such as Charlie Chaplin and Josephine Baker. 382 room hotel is currently attracting a lot of customers with the grade A luxury bedroom, bathroom with marble fully equipped including indoor pool, spa, fitness center and a lot of different restaurants.

Grand Hotel Villa Cora, Florence, Italy
Villa Cora was built in the late 1860s by Baron Oppenheim, a German financier and was renovated in 2010.
With a heated outdoor pool and spa unique underground, this unique hotel is great place to relax and visit.

Il Salviatino, Florence, Italy
This hotel in Florence but also differ greatly. Penthouses from the 15th century is located atop a hill just two miles north of the city.
With many luxurious rooms in the beautiful scenery, the hotel has great views of panoramic Florence and the Tuscan countryside. The wall paintings and antique furniture of the 19th century makes space becomes magnificent. Also, the skill of the chef Carmine Calò at the restaurant on site was appreciated.

D'Angleterre Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland
Hotel d'Angleterre is one of the landmarks of Geneva. This is a familiar destination of diplomats and luxury traveler.
The hotel is located on the banks of Lake Geneva, near shopping, dining and public transport. It consists of 39 luxurious rooms and 9 are the normal room features remote control, iPod docking stations, smart TVs, free Wi-Fi and original artwork.

The eight biggest myths about travelling in Europe

A lot of Aussies make a beeline for Europe for an occasion each year, numerous out of the blue. Be that as it may, there are a few fantasies about going on the landmass that you have to think about before you arrive. Here are eight of the greatest fantasies about going in Europe, busted.

Trains are dependably a superior wagered than transports

Train travel is one of Europe's major delights, with rail tracks extending over the landmass and quick, ordinary administrations as standard. In any case, that doesn't mean it's in every case better. There are regularly situations where urban areas are ineffectively associated with one another via train, which means you need to go the long path round through another city.

Segovia to Salamanca in Spain is a genuine precedent here – the speediest rail course between them includes turning around and experiencing Madrid. Be that as it may, a mentor benefit with a snappy change in Avila takes far less time.

Different zones have either crushingly moderate trains –, for example, Sicily – or none by any stretch of the imagination –, for example, the Albanian, Montenegrin and Croatian drift. It's constantly worth seeking to see whether the transport may be a superior wagered.

English trains are constantly costly

English trains legitimately have an unpleasant notoriety for being costly. In many nations, the contrast between the online development price tag and the stone up cost is genuinely negligible. Correspondingly, off top trains don't cost all significantly less than pinnacle time trains.

Numerous voyagers wind up purchasing ostensibly overrated rail goes for the good of simplicity, accepting that purchasing singular tickets can be excessively precarious. This is halfway because of not knowing the correct sites – every nation's railroad arrange will in general have its own site. This incorporates Deutsche Bahn ( in Germany, Trenitalia ( in Italy and Renfe ( However, a fundamental scan for the name of the nation with "trains" or "rail" ought to raise the correct site.

All the more vitally, these destinations have an English dialect choice, with the tickets either printable or accessible to get up at the station for no additional expense. There's no compelling reason to get them posted out.

Spending aircrafts are constantly less expensive than conventional bearers

Any semblance of Easyjet, Ryanair and Wizzair can frequently offer incredible arrangements, beyond any doubt – yet it's a misstep to think they'll generally be the esteem wagered. Full administration carriers have needed to drop their costs (and seemingly their administration models) to contend. For instance, picking an arbitrary date in December, British Airways flights from London to Athens cost a couple of euros not exactly Ryanair and Easyjet's choices.

Wherever utilizes the euro

The possibility of just changing your Aussie dollars once goes to pot once you venture out of the Eurozone. 25 European nations utilize the euro as their cash, however there are some outstanding holdouts. The UK is the most outstanding of these, yet you'll likewise need to utilize zlotys in Poland, francs in Switzerland, crowns in the Czech Republic, krona in Sweden and forints in Hungary.

Eateries are sans smoke

Hostile to smoking enactment has spread through Europe, and sans smoke bars and eateries are the standard. Be that as it may, not in all nations. Austria's bistros and eateries can be awfully smoky, albeit stricter laws are expected to be presented in 2018. In Greece, there are no smoking laws in eateries, however they're generally disregarded. What's more, in a lot of Eastern Europe , you should be a Marlboro test chimp.