Where to visit when you travel to Da Nang – VietNam?

If you have chance to travel in Da Nang, where should you go? Da Nang is well known as the most worthy place to live in Vietnam, means that there is a lot of good things exist in there. Talk about traveling, Da Nang as well has many beautiful places and I am sure that once you go there, you will be impressed and will never be able to forget! Let Travel World Wonder show you some of the places.
1. Hoi An ancient town:
Hoi An is a famous tourist destination of many domestic and international tourists. You can see the restored ancient blocks over hundreds of years. While in Hoi An, tourists can enjoy the scenery on the river, the cool blue beach. And experience the rich cuisine dishes such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, pancakes ... compelling even the most discerning diners.
Not too dignified like those bustling areas Hue or Da Nang city. Hoi An ancient features, rustic and pure will make everyone want to visit this place

2. Lang Co beach: is a destination not to be missed when visiting Da Nang. Go from the city center for about 30 km, Lang Co located between a branch lines of Truong Son range, Lang Co beach shown in blue, is gentle, dreamy side of the white sand, mixed with the green of the jungle.
You should go to Lang Co to enjoy the fresh air and to shake off the noise of the city. And try out the experiences of pleasure such as fishing, scuba diving, mountain climbing, “jungle-ing” or visiting some of the beautiful scenery as Chan, Lang Co fishing village near the beach… Such feeling you can find at no where else!

3. Cu Lao Cham Island: Just about 15km far away from Cua Dai seashore. This is a world biosphere reserve includes cluster of islands off the East Sea 12 miles from Hoi An. Cu Lao Cham with abundant vegetation systems and balmy climate, tourists come here will be together with fishermen discover the diversity of flora and fauna rich in blue sea. Once there you will have the opportunity to enjoy cuisine from specialties such as: Vu nang snail , rock crab, wild vegetables...

4. My Khe Beach: Known for its white sand beaches stretching for more than 900m, moderate waves surrounded by coconut dreaming. This is also the beach was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the most charming beach planet.... Here visitors will be immersed in the fresh air with white sand beaches, temperate ocean waves. And together cuisine with seafood dishes, such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, seafood, abalone ...

5. Son Tra Peninsula: Located 10 km from the city center to the east, where it is considered a "green lung" of Da Nang. To Son Tra, you will be involved in many exciting activities you arrived locations such as: Explore the Son Tra grove, swimming in the My Khe beach, Bai But, join together with the fishermen to go fishing, coral diving ...

6. Ngu Hanh Son (Five Element Mountain): Admire the beauty of the 5 tips: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho Son. Located downtown Danang is about 8 km to the south Marble with fanciful space, together the design between the caves, temples dull sound of the temple bell, the waves ... This is the destination unforgettable for any traveler.

7. Ba Na Hills: This is one of the destinations that any visitor to visit Da Nang as well once set foot in this place. Here you will see the clear weather all 4 seasons in one day: spring – summer - autumn - winter. In addition, with the overall French style architecture and fascinating attraction, certainly Bana will be an attractive tourist sites in Da Nang that you should not ignore.

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